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I was born on December 28, 1986, and raised in Detroit, MI. I have always been most known for being a multi-talented triple threat when it comes to entertainment. Being able to switch from Hip Hop, Neo-Soul & R&B, and never forgetting to be the pure poetic writer that I have grown to become. I am a black hole of hidden artistry, and I take glory in all the crafts I hold with a humble hand of strength.

My main goal is to build, network, and collaborate with unique talents from all races of people, and bring different minds together to create incredible short stories and art; my biggest skill is bringing anything I write or do into life while breaking the boundaries of all writing limits.

Sincerely,  Author The Poet B.GKL aka Brotha GKL/Gawd Keenng Lio'lf

Pronunciation- [Gawd-King-Lah-If]

Professional: Writer, Author, Poet, Narrator, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer & Audio Editor, Script Writer, Actor, Artist Developer, Motivational Speaker, Ghost Writer, Social Media Marketer, Neo-Soul Singer, Hip Hop Artist, Studio Recording Engineer, and Model.

Gawd Keenng Lio'lf
Author The Poet B.GKL
Author The Poet B.GKL
very strong werewolf with half his face as a lion with beard and gold body armor sitting o
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