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C’vaughn’K Publishing Services:


  • Book Cover Design and more

  • Publisher

  • Proofreading/ Editing/ Interior Formatting

  • Typesetting/ Images/ Illustrations

  • Ghostwriter

  • Coordinating and Consolidating Author Corrections

  • Publishing Setup

  • Book Revising

  • Book Mock-Up/ Marketing

C’vaughn’K Publishing's main goal is to beautifully organize every masterpiece with love and perfection, of one’s hard work in a timely fashion. The front cover, back cover, and interior will be organized professionally with creative hands upon advising you on certain matters needed to make this process less time-consuming. Your manuscript will be fulfilled elegantly into a book you’d hoped for. We believe in handling all manuscripts with delicate care and all details of business discussed will be secured with a one page signed contract agreement. All prices may differ on what you may require for your work of art and the deadline by which your project is needed. So feel at home at C’vaughn’K Publishing. We honor being part of your journey and always value conversing more in-depth about your project, in order to guide your book towards its marvelous destination.


Sincerely, Author The Poet B.GKL




(313) 334-9630 Brotha GKL


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