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Po Folk Clothz By Brotha GKL Brotha GKL
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Best-Selling Author 

Stephanie Alaine


About the Author S.A.B Poetry:

Stephanie Alaine Brown was born on January 7, 1992. As an educator and Caribbean author she shines a light on poetic writing and creative story writing. As a lover of nature and its elements, the books created are illustrated using pictures of surrounding areas for which she has the utmost admiration. The sky, the seashore, and the sunshine are all elements that she is most fond of. As she moves forward an impact through writing is what she plans to achieve. She is a teacher and a self-published author. Her writing journey began in 2017 through poetic expressions. She has written five (5) books over six years.

Published Books & Info:

  • Sunshine and Heartbeat

  • Can I Be Her?

  •  Love Me

  • Shimmering Seashells by the Parottee Seashore

(short story and poems)

  • 5. Healing from the pain, Peace to retain, Love to regain


Tele: (876) 566-5605

For further readings follow my blog website
IG: @sabpoet 
FB: Stephanie Alaine Brown's

Thank you, and may you heal in love and peace.

S.A.B Poetry

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Author Kamal Lukata
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Best-Selling Author 


About the Author Kamal Lukata:

A native of Detroit, Michigan author Lukata is a passionate writer who specializes in real to life urban dramas that readers from all walks of life can relate to. Lukata has written articles for several urban publications and gives a unique perspective on urban literature not found anywhere else.

From the Author:

Born and raised on Detroit's Eastside, Lukata attended Kettering High School and Wayne State University. Lukata has written for several publications such as Flash Magazine, and DefCulture, the Hip-Hop website. Lukata is socially and consciously active in Detroit and utilizes his books as a tool to point out various issues that people in the ghetto and all over are facing.

From the Back Cover:

"I breathe, eat, sleep, drink, and live this dream, and nobody will prevent us from accomplishing our mission of success and fulfillment. Many will try to discourage you, but don't let that stop you because you are that much closer to making history. Your struggle is classic, and everyone in this room is your brother in the struggle. We're all a family, and my family is my posse, and from now on my posse is Legendary, your posse is Legendary. That's who we are, "Legendary Entertainment", and we are an independent record label, staff, and family."
I then asked, "Are ya'll with me or what?" Motivated by the incredibly passionate speech that was just given, all the fellas stood up and shouted, "Legendary for life!!!" And from that point on I had become the leader of our organization and crew known as "The Legendary Boyz," and things were never the same again for me and my crew.
A cross between Straight Outta Compton, and Power, Legendary/Detroit Mentality is an urban Hip Hop tale that touches on the competitive but overlooked Hip Hop scene in the Motor City; and delves deep into the unique culture of drugs and violence in Detroit. With a plot that contains non-stop drama and gut-wrenching twists, Legendary/ Detroit Mentality is guaranteed to keep readers entrenched in this ghetto tale from start all the way to the book's surprising ending.

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