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" The Infinite Mind of Lio’lf " Back Cover:


The poetic short stories, poems, and quotes written within this masterpiece are creations formed with in-depth observation; carried with the thoughts of my conscious imagination, and vision. While painting my emotions in ink and using every word to describe what I have seen, dreamed, experienced, or theoretically speculated through written logic.


The pages between this cover present many depictions of narratives, and a temporary look into my mind unboxed. I construct this masterpiece to give readers a different side of poetry, spoken word, and short stories mixed to give a mental cinema while seeing and embracing each printed line. I want to display to you the way I see suspense, passion, anger, determination, and romance with many more powerful emotions.


This book will put the reader into a trance of a good movie or situation handled with great value. No matter how short or how long the stories, poems, spoken word, and quotes may seem to be. You will gain something intriguing from what I have written in this book down to its last ending word. Being infinite is forever when you allow it with your soul & mind while accepting the true imagination that your eyes have placed together.


Allow your mind to open outside of your mental box of what your normal thinking process may be and try breathing the words written and typed from my own hands of infinitely visualized thoughts. Take a subtle walkthrough of The Infinite Mind of Lio’lf.


Sincerely, Carlos “The Poet B.GKL” Kaigler

by Carlos "The Poet B.GKL" Kaigler

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The Infinite Mind Of Lio'lf

" The Infinite Mind of Lio’lf "